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Bastet's Cat Sanctuary Inc. is a unique rescue shelter dedicated to helping native Egyptian Maus in need. We provide housing, food, and medical care for our sanctuary cats, as well as adoption   services. Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of these majestic felines and to place them in loving homes. At Bastet's Cat Sanctuary Inc., we are passionate about giving these cats the best possible care. We are also committed to educating the public on the importance of adopting and caring for animals responsibly. We strive to make a difference in the lives of these cats and the people who care for them.


About native Egyptian Maus

Native Egyptian Maus are not the pedigree cats that most people will be familiar with in the USA but are the random-bred street cat found across Egypt.  Unlike the pedigree version native Egyptian cats will vary in the type and coat color.

Recent DNA studies on mummified cats have shown today's random-bred street cats of Egypt to be direct descendants of the cats so revered by ancient Egypt.

About coat colors:

If you have come to this site looking for a Mau with the typical high-contrast, regular spots of the pedigree cat, then you will be disappointed.  Such markings are man-made, the product of highly selective breeding programs.  The much sought after silver spotted Mau is generally a product of selective breeding, but they do occur occasionally naturally.


Native Egyptian Maus are muscular, athletic cats.  They are intelligent and soon learn to do things and get to places you didn't think possible.  They are sociable and friendly and bond strongly with one or more family member.  For this reason they should not be left for long periods on their own-a companion Mau is a good way of limiting their loneliness.

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